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Yoga                                                      Saturday                            11a.m.

The a/m classes are by ZOOM and a phone number or email address is required to join. For more info please feel free to contact me

Cost is €5 per class

Payment for online classes is by Revolut or PayPal



Yoga means union, in fact it really means yoke as in the harness that goes on a horse/cow when it pulls a cart.  The union is the unification of the Body, Mind and Spirit.  The perfect state of the human condition is to be present, aware and healthy. Yoga can help us to attain this ideal state.

Most people think that Yoga is just a series of poses (Asanas) that you do for ten seconds while trying to keep your balance.  It’s much, much more than that.  There are many areas of Yoga that come together to give a complete way of living, these areas of Yoga are called the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  Students of yoga, Yogis, strive to adhere to these guidelines to a pure and healthy lifestyle.

The most popular style of Yoga is Hatha, Ha means Sun and Tha is the Moon.  Hatha is about balance, and not just the physical balance.  We seek balance in all aspects of our lives.  How often have we heard too much of a good thing……  maybe we should say too much of a bad thing?

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Sun Salutation or Surya Namasker is traditionally done first thing in the morning to salute the sun. There are many different types of Sun Salutations, each branch, each school of Yoga seem to have their own brand. The one I do has two Crescent Moon poses and a Downward Dog held for three breaths.

Doing the Sun Salutation without focusing on the breath, being present in the moment and raising the awareness in your body is NOT yoga. It’s just exercise, which can be done in the gymn. So, I advise for you to strive and bring the quality of the NOW into your practice. Keep it simple, there’s no need to do a long list of poses. If you can stay present and just do Sun Salutes that would be enough to begin.

Easy version (Upward Dog cut short and weight NOT on front of foot) of Sun Salutation